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Theshortreview:I love this boat

The long review:

Specs : 46 yrs old, 510, 175lbs, 11w feet
Comfortable paddling most of the southeast runs at sane levels-Russell Fork(all sections), Watauga, Doe, Laurel Fork, Nolichucky, French Broad, Gauleys, Tallulah, done some Green lites years back.

I love to riverrun and play features I find. Generally surfing, spins, eddie line play, splats. Favored boats of my past were the Inazone 230, Wavesport EZ, and most recent before the 4Fun, the DR Pintail.

I tried a 4Fun when they first came out (2003-04?) and didnt like the looseness or slop of the old outfitting. At the urgingof a friend I demoed a 2006 outfitted 4Fun, wow, a definite change and plus. No flex, everything felt solid and the fit of the outfitting was themost comfortable I have ever paddled. Im from the foam and glue era but found no improvements to do with the 06 Jackson boat. I especially like the sweetcheeks(now in all my boats) and the foam on the knee well area. I dont have any issues with the footbag and adjust it as I feel like-some days I do a pointed toe somedays I do a ball of foot type placement. I find the footbag very accommodating. It did take me around 4-5 trips to get it right and fitted tight-understanding it and the way it works and felt. For me, if the footbag lasts a season and needs replacing it is well worth it-as of right now it shows no wear(43 trips). I like the unlimited adjustment of the rope backband, mine has never slipped . No oilcanning(nor on my girlfriends FUN that has around 22 trips on it). The 4Fun rolls fine for me.This boat is fast enough for me to catch waves on the fly and make moves I used to miss with my EZ(slower boat). Its stable and makes me confident in making moves I want to finish. The plastic is slick and I like that tremendously for rockspins and splats. The plastic seems to only scratch and not dig in or gouge deeply like other boats Ive had.

Im not a world class playboater, and the boat isnt advertised as such, but it handles downriver play fine for me. Surfs, spins, squirts, the type of things I like to do.All out playboaters should look elsewhere. I think this type of boat(along with boats like the Juice, EZ or EZGs, Pintail, Stinger, Liquidlogic CRs) will suit 90% of paddlers out
there. The stuff the full on playboats are capable of doing Im not, and honestly the rest of my paddling suffers when using one of the fullon players(in my opinion).

Ive done some easy creek runs with it and it handled that area well(low water Russell Fork gorge, Doe , Whitetop Laurel).

I do think a person needs to watch the weight recommendations for the JK boats and take them as word. Ive used my girlfriends FUN and although its much easier to throw around it did become much more unstable and simply not as performance worthy as the more properly fitted 4Fun. Likewise I found the seat placement to be centered or slightly rear of center to be correct for this boat(girlfriend has found this as well with her FUN). Used to I simply shoved the seat all the way forward and never looked back on other boats. This 4Fun allows good adjustment without a catchy stern-IMO.

The big things after a couple months use that I really appreciate:
1) lightness of the boat
2) water tightness of the boat
3) well padded knee area and the whole 2006 outfitting
4) all of the above which results in excellent comfort and fit

This is the first riverplay boat Ive never had to heat the bow and blow up for foot comfort-and I was able to use good river shoes during the winter with my drysuit(unheard of for me in my past riverplay boats).

Last note of recommendation. If you buy a FUN seriesboat, definitely buy a set of the FunFloats-easiest floatation Ive used. Seems solid built as well.

End of story-the most FUN boat Ive owned(meaning I can play and do moves all day in comfort and thats a great thing for this 46 yr old body).

Oh, almost forgot, not connected to JacksonKayak in any way, just like my boat a big bunch. And, Ive picked up a ROCKER with the 06 outfitting and will do a review in a few months after using it.

Daryl Crisp