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August 16, 2008

Rain is continous and unless the dams are very controlling and there are no tributaries, the water will come up quickly in the next 6 hours. People are not performing to their peak and missing moves that they “could” perform under the circumstances but opt for the world’s record ride attempt and score low by missing a ton of moves.

I will focus on my 1,200 point ride routine, but keep the moves in check to assure that I nail one at a time and not get flustered if I miss one.

Entry Move
Air moves
Phonics Monkey Right
McNasty Right
Phonics Monkey Left
McNasty Left
Air Loop
Split Wheel Right Left
Split Left Right
Cartwheel right
Clean Cartwheel Right
Super Clean right
McNasty Right
Phonix Right

This is a lot for 45 seconds, but if I nail each one on my first try with little set up, it will go.

If the water comes up and the hole starts bubbling out again, I will focus on throwing moves only when it is breaking properly and use bubbly time as a set up on top for phonics Monkey, and throw the McNasty when I am still in a side surf but the hole is breaking good.

2:09- Heat 1 starts in 21 minutes. I am in heat 4. Stephen Wright goes in heat 1 I should get in the water for a warm up after heat 2 does their second ride. Do some cartwheels, some wave surfing, and get out of my boat before it is my time to go. I am last in my heat to go.

Watch Stephen without my gear on, keep a rain coat on for warmth, get my boat and walk it to the put-in, then come to room and get dressed and go.