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August 20, 2007

I get emails daily from people who can make our parts cheaper, in
China, Malasia, etc. etc. Look at what is happening now to those people
who were so short sighted to think you can run to places where cheap labor
is king and earn a little extra profits in the process. I am buying a
grill tomorrow that is made locally. It will cost me more money, but it
won’t be made from crappy pot metal that the past two grills I got a
Walmart, made in China were, that haven’t not lasted a year yet! We could
make our Happy Feet, Sweet Cheeks, etc. in China and save a bundle. Do you
want that? I prefer to drive across route 30 (the Mini Cooper road), to
Athens, Tennessee and meet a guy named Jeff and do my R+D work and check on
production. Just my opinion.

Here is how people get suckered into moving their production away from their

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have learned, from internet that some plastic parts are in your business

We take pleasure in informing you that we can reduce your product cost so
that they should be more competitive in your market. We are a Chinese
enterprise specialized in the designing and producing all kinds of precision
plastic injection molds and parts. We offer OEM and ODM service. We also
have precision equipment such as CMM, projector, slow wire cutting machine

Our tools are mainly exported to Europe, USA and Australia with high quality
in HASCO or DME standard in reasonable lead times.Plastic products also are
exported to the whole world with high quality.

Should, by chance, your department not deal with the thing mentioned above,
we would be most grateful if this mail could be forwarded to the correct

We are looking forward to your favorable news.

Yours Sincerely