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August 16, 2007

Learning to roll is something that some people take for granted. It
can be taught in 15 minutes or less, or it can be elusive forever for some.
Rhonda got her roll on her 4th summer, with her new pink Fun! I am just an
onlooker who wasn’t there for her first roll, but wish I was!

Hi Everyone,

To experienced kayakers who don’t know Rhonda this may look like just
another roll.
But to all the folks who have worked with Rhonda over the past 4 summers it
is a tribute to all the work, all the encouragement and all the patience of
helping her get to such comfort as she has in this video. It may not be a
textbook roll but she’ll keep working on it.

Thanks to everyone who has helped her from EJ’s pep talk 4 summers ago, to
the Moskowitzes and "Coach" Kirsch, Mark, Ed and anyone else who gave her a
lesson or a "T".

We all know the bruises she’s suffered and the dissappointments of missed
rolls and swims she’s endured to get where she is.

and congrats on your new boat.

Rolling video (Quicktime 4.6 MB)