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December 14, 2004

Well, here I am at my Christmas tree with the first
Rocker out of
the temporary mold! This particular one is too thin in the hull for
paddling, but we will use it for outfitting purposes. Today we will have
some that we can use to paddle in. We made the prototypes out of linear
plastic. The mold is fiberglass and can’t handle the temperatures required
to mold cross-linked plastic. Also- we can weld the cockpit on a linear
boat, where with cross linked you have to pop rivet the cockpit on. Lot’s
of cool stuff in the works. We are experimenting with a composite seat-
super strong and light too.

Meanwhile- The Jackson’s leave for the World Championships
for freestyle in two weeks, so freestyle is still the focus until we return.
Upon returning, we will have the Rocker at the mold maker and be ready
for a Spring of Creeking!

🙂 EJ



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Rocker Prototype