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Congratulations Eric Jackson: World Champion once again!
By Clay Wright

January 30, 2005

Eric just took his 3rd World Championship title and
made it convincing, winning each of the 4 rounds of head-to-head finals
competition. This is a ground-breaking accomplishment, yet Germany’s Jutta
Kaiser achieved the same feat in the women’s class and Dustin Urban and
Deb O’keefe did it in squirt. I guess sometimes, on a certain day, one
man or woman can convincingly prove that they really are the #1 Freestyle
kayaker in the world. Well done!

The battle between Emily and Jak was over too quickly,
with Emily coming out on top, but 3 other Jr. Women ahead of her… Congratulations
on 4th Place Emily! (She’s got 4 more years to medal in Jr. Women’s)

Jackson Kayak is also pleased to congratulate our Team
JK Women’s Squirt medalists: Colorado’s Ali Wade took the Silver while
Idaho’s Devon Barker took the Bronze – good going ladies!

Clay Wright