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January 7, 2005

6 Training Log

Well, I did some cool stuff today. I think the jet
lag, and new environment effect must have seen its last day yesterday.
Today I felt really strong, fast, and on it. My rides are getting snappier,
more rententive, and more explosive. I wouldn’t want to have to
compete yet, however, still lots to improve on, but if we did compete
today, I would paddle well.

On the 10 second rides, I stayed in for the full 10
seconds on each ride. My scores were pretty good getting an average of
2.4 tech points per second, and an average variety of .29 points per second.
My entry move is getting really good.

On the 20 second rides, I flushed before 20 seconds
on 4 of 5 of them, getting an average of 2.9 points per second tech, and
.30 points per second on variety (using the time in the hole well)

On the 45 second rides, I flushed early on all 5 rides,
but had an average time in the hole of 29 seconds. I had an average tech
per second of 2.11 and an average variety of .19.

In training you can’t paddle back in if you flush
because there are people waiting in line, so you can’t really imitate
the competition that way, at least until US Team official training times.
Then you can all decide together to do full runs and be able to paddle
in for the full 45 seconds if you flush. Right now you have Italians (no
English), A Czech, some English, rambunctious dudes that will drop in
on you during your rides from time to time, etc. So paddling in is not
really an option.

My Lunar Orbit is going pretty well. I haven’t
tried a Tricky Woo since the first day. I think tomorrow is a Tricky Woo
Day. Also the Space Godzilla still needs work.

On my next workout I will focus on the following:

VERTICAL ENDS on Splits and Blunts- 5 rides
Tricky Woos- 5 rides
Space Godzillas- 5 rides
Back Loops out of a blunt- 5 rides
45 Second Rides- 5 rides

Here are a few photos from Today’s session.

🙂 EJ



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Air loops are good to go

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Got to love the air moves

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The All-Star makes a great Water Fountain