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January 14, 2005

Well, last night I had to get a second table brought
into our house, seating 9 at first table and 7 at the second one for two
games going. It ended up with juniors at one table, adults at the other.
Jez found chips in Sydney but we ran out and had to buy from one another
by the end of the evening. Jimmy Blakeney won last night after going all
in against me and two others. It was one of those nights were a full house
was good, but who’s full house was bigger, same with three of a
kind, flushes, straights, etc. No winning with a pair with 9 people at
the table all betting to the end. I did buy the pot twice though, never
looking at my cards, but in the end I lost my $5 plus winnings in one
hand where I had two pair, and lost to three of a kind, of course I waited
to the last hand of the night to go big or go home so I wouldn’t
miss any action.

Dane lost $10 of mine on the junior table, Emily won
a little. For anybody out there thinking that we are corrupting the youth
here in Australia, you may be right, this is fun stuff… but, a movie
here costs $14.50, and popcorn is $7.50. The kids can play poker for 3
hours for $5, and if they are really losing bad, for $10, still cheaper
than a 2 hour movie.

Well, I am thinking junior poker night, and adult poker
night. Good clean fun!

🙂 EJ



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Poker night in Australia