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OFFICIAL IFC PRESS RELEASE followed by EJ commentary

January 27, 2005

Following the IFC meeting today (January 27, 2005)
the committee agreed that the best way forward for the sport over the
next four years is to:

  1. Accept recognition by the International Canoe Federation
    and become part of this organization
  2. Adopt and introduce a World Cup Series
  3. Accept that in 2006 a World Cup Series will be hosted
    by Canada and the USA and be conducted in September.
  4. Accept that the 2007 the World Championships will
    be hosted by Canada at the Bus Eater Wave.
  5. Accept that in 2008 a World Cup Series will be hosted
    by Europe and that in 2009 the World Championships will be hosted in
  6. Invite European Federations to submit bids
    to host the four events mentioned in 2008 and 2009.


Mike Birbeck, Chairman
Kristine Jackson, Vice Chair
Katalie Meek
Celliers Kruger
Lluis Rabaneda

End of release:

EJ’s Comments:

What just happened is that in a stale mate for worlds
every year, and to preserve the committee and to progress the sport in
the way it is already headed, the committee decided to move towards Olympic
status, which means ICF governance. Each country with its own freestyle
governing body, like the USKFA will now go to the ICF recognized body
(the ACA in USA) and negotiate the exact deal for how they will assimilate
into the organization. A world cup will be incredible and the worlds on
Bus Eater, awesome. Congratulations to Joe Kowalski who won that bid for
hosting the World Championships. Also, the World Cup will be hosted in
2006 by:

  1. Route 3 Wave, Watertown, NY by Blackwater, Ltd.
    (Tommy Gunn)
  2. Garberator Wave on the Ottawa River, Ontario by
    Ottawa Kayak/Wilderness Tours (Joe Kowalski)
  3. Rock Island Hole in Rock Island, Tennessee by Kristine

The committee is past

🙂 EJ