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February 20, 2005

Dear EJ and company,

I was directed toward your videos during our winter
pool sessions and wanted to say thanks for describing what I’ve been trying
to figure out for years. I’m a mom of three kids and have been on the
boat for a 11 year then take a 1.5 year off for pregnancy and nursing
babies plan. (I would boat until my gear didn’t fit my ever expanding
belly then I hung up the boat to wait for another season) It’s been quite
an adventure trying to stay in touch with everyone because they just don’t
make kayaks for infants! In another five years I’ll have an entire family
of boating partners though. This leads to my reason for writing, thanks
for making boats for kids and really small people. I’m 5’2" and I’ve
had a terrible time trying to find boats and gear to fit. I wore a skateboarding
helmet for five years because I could not find a helmet that fit without
outfitting it so much that water would litterally pour over my head every
time I did a roll. Paddles and boats were equally difficult. I’ve been
boating in a jib for two years. I just tried your 1.5
— what a blast. I’m currently saving money and hope to have enough
for this season. Thanks for thinking of us "height challenged"
individuals and for the kids. Keep up the great work you are doing.


Evy Stauffer
York, PA