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June 4, 2005


My son Sean, tried a Fun 1.5 at NOC yesterday. He was
surfing the boat (first time ever), and ferrying like a pro in 20 minutes.
He has paddled a GT 7.5 for a year, and was progressing slowly at the
bottom of the weight range. We ran the Nantahala on Sunday and he paddled
his best ever. He said “This is the greatest paddling trip ever”
after the first rapid down from Faraby’s Landing. He went on to
praise about how it “jumped off the waves”. We bought a granite
yellow Fun 1.5 yesterday.

Sean is 9.5 and 80 pounds soaking wet. Thank you so
much for making boats and gear for “small people”. He loves
the 175mm paddle.

His boating skills improved 10 times with the proper
boat fit. He is working on his roll, and I’m betting he has it in
a month.

It is great to have a boat supplier providing equipment
that enables families to share the rivers together.


Rob Martz