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June 27, 2005

Hey Guys –

Just finished up the and am headed back
to Crested Butte. The hole was a small, fairly flushy wave-hole with a
good river left shoulder and a real flushy left one. All through practices
the most anyone could do was to blunt, so we figured it would be a pretty
tough event. The night before the event I started hitting some loops,
and when Jed Selby and Andre Spino-smith showed up they got ‘felix’s and
‘donkey flips’ as well.

The event got more fun, and in the end Jed won it with
blunts, backblunts, donkey flip, and a felix. Andre took second with blunts
and a felix, and young Seth Chapell – in a Fluid C-1 – took third by sticking
a big loop as well as nailing blunts. Matt Farrar 4th, and I flushed on
my loop to take 5th.

Katie Selby won the women’s division with Hanna Farra
2nd, Darren Eddy 3rd, DMP 4th I think.

I took the ‘Big Trick’ event – looping my Super-Star
– and by then we were all hitting loops and felix’s with consistancy.

Fun, local event and now I’ll be taking advantage of
the 30 minute trip to Crested Butte for some more creeking on Oh-be Joyful’s
waterfalls. Sun’s out, snow is melting again . . .

Clay Wright