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June 12, 2005

Oh yea baby, we are making
your new favorite long boats and shipping them! We shipped 40 of them
last week, and another 80 of them will be shipped this week! Get your
name on one today to avoid losing time in your new boat! Go to the appropriate
pages to learn what you need to know about them to determine which boat
or which size.

For the:


Super Hero


I am very excited to get the Tom Long from Boise Idaho:
(Cascade Kayak School) at
in these new boats. He got a chance to try them out on the Animas in Colorado
and will be getting them for his school, sweet!

What is so special about these boats:

Lightweight- SWEET!
Comfortable- Just sit in one…
Durable- Cross linked plastic, composite beam
Dry- no drill holes- we even made the first 100 of them with no drain
plugs! Bone dry all day!!!!

The new bulkhead system will blow you away! Easy to
adjust from in the boat, safer, and no holes in the boat!

EJ 🙂