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June 6, 2005

You never know what you are going to find at an event
like the Teva Mountain Games. I found lots of athletes from Adventure
Racing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and of course Kayaking. I just
finished up 5 days of competing in a row. Starting with the Boatercross
on Wednesday, then the Extreme Race and big trick contest on Thursday,
Freestyle Prelims on Friday, Freestyle Semi-finals, the “Everest
Awards” and Rollerderby and a big party with a band, dancing, etc.
on Saturday, and Freestyle Finals on Sunday. Here is how it played out,
from the Jackson’s point of view.

I didn’t have internet for a few days so I am
putting it all here starting from Day 3, Kayak prelims for freestyle:

The weather was beautiful in the morning and Emily
competed in the Pro-women’s class getting 1st place in prelims!
I couldn’t believe it, just like Dane’s 8th place prelims

The next day the wind picked up and it started raining.
All day long was a big soaking.

I am falling asleep! I am ready to go to sleep so I
will cut to the chase and then do a better wrap up tomorrow.

Emily got 1st, then Tanya Faux, and then Tanya Shuman

EJ got 1st, then Jay Kincaid, then Dustin Urban

A great time, lots of cool stuff.

Also- I won the Everest Award for the male kayaker
of the year.

🙂 EJ



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Crowd hanging in the nice weather

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EJ in mid backloop

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The E-Jay show about to start

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EJ on the stands

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EJ, JAy, and Dustin

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Emily wins her first big pro event