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June 20, 2005

It is mid-June 2005, a great water year in many places,
average in others, but finally summer has arrived everywhere. We have
been busy making many new products, of which most people are not really
aware of all of them or the ones that will change your paddling life.
Here is a guide…

  1. Playboats- If you haven’t paddled the
    2005 Star, All-Star,
    or Super Star
    and you are a playboater, you are missing the boat big time. For the
    first time in history the boat that goes bigger than anything ever made,
    is also the boat that is easier to cartwheel, more comfortable, and
    will make your playboating improve across the board immediately.

    1. Star- Small, perfect for ladies, kids, small
      adults from 90-140 pounds.
    2. All-Star- Medium- perfect for EJ (I haven’t
      lost an event in this boat in 2005 yet, thanks to the go big nature
      of it!)
    3. Super Star- big boys love it!
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Upright kayaks- Hero
    (small/med) and Super
    (med/large)- Fast, easy to paddle, river running boats

    1. Incredible performance, making the downriver
      trip easy to handle, the flats enjoyable, and the rolling is AWESOMELY
    2. The new outfitting with the first ever adjustable
      bulkhead from inside the boat, is worth driving to your dealer just
      to see that.
  3. Your all-around great river running/playboat- FUN
    family of kayaks
    – you know about these already- don’t have
    one? Why not?
  4. Rocker
    if you are a creeker- the time is now to check it out- it is hitting
    the stores everyday, call yours and demo one now.

Accessories you have to have:

  1. Happy
    – Simply my most exciting new design for 2005,. The Happy Seat
    goes in front of your kayak seat and inflates under your legs to lift
    them comfortably into the thigh braces. It takes the pressure off of
    your hips and ankles and butt. It also allows you to drop a leg down
    to hip snap or drop an edge instead of only lifting one. I NEVER paddle
    without one anymore. It is as important to me as hip pads!
  2. Happy
    – if you playboat (do loops, or want to), then you need
    the Happy Seat/Thruster combo. The Happy Thruster is designed to add
    volume to your cockpit area and makes you go WAY bigger. Combine the
    Happy Thruster with the All-Star and you go into space! I was asked
    by a member of another manufacturers team yesterday, “EJ you go
    so huge, what is your poison?” That answer is the All-Star, Happy
    Thruster combo. If you are learning to loop, it throws you way higher
    allowing you to make more mistakes and still get it around, probably
    in the air.
  3. Fun
    and Creek Floats
    – float bags are not new- however the horseshoe
    shape of the Fun Float or Creek Float allow you to put a single bag
    in your stern that wraps around the back of the wall and never comes
    out, doesn’t need tied in, is lighter, and fits all of our kayaks
    like a charm. I won the world championships with a Fun Float in the
    back of my All-Star, I am a believer in safety first. (it also allows
    me to puff the stern up a little if I want, hint, hint!)
  4. Happy Feet
    Nothing has changed the world of foot comfort and adjustability more
    than the Happy Feet. Still there are two camps of kayakers out there,
    those who know how to use them, and those who don’t. It is easy
    to tell them apart. Those who know how to use the Happy Feet, use them
    and love them, those who don’t don’t think they are any
    good. Just look at the amount of people buying them, the fact that I
    use them 100% of the time, including the world championships, and that
    should answer your question on whether you should get some for your
    boat, or put them back in your Jackson Kayak if you took them out (yes,
    it is true, some people have taken them out and it is a sad situation)
    If you want to know how to use them, go to the kayaks section of this
    website and look under outfitting your kayak!
  5. NEW DVD’s-
    River Running Basics
    , and EJ’s
    Advanced River Running
    – Something for everybody in these if you
    are looking for an in depth instructional DVD on techniques, safety,
    equipment, etc. All filmed in the Southeast USA, spring 2005!

OK, get on it, don’t miss the fun!

EJ 🙂