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July 25, 2005

Phase one of Jackson Kayak is completed. Introduce
the first ever complete line of kayaks all in one year, and work out the
production kinks to be able to produce enough to satisfy demand. Now it
is time to have a meeting of the minds as we enter phase 2 of the Jackson
Kayak business plan. Phase 2 consists of streamlining our systems, and
becoming a model business for Harvard business school kids to study (that
is a good goal, I figure). With our ability to satisfy our demand for
the first time since we started over 15 months ago, we are entering a
new period in our business. Finally I can look at the kayaker out there
who needs a new boat, and look at the dealer who will provide that new
boat, and make a better way to bring them together, with both finding
success. The customer will find the boat they want, and the dealer will
have the boat and be able to make the sale. Wow, what a concept. Mike
Brown waited from March to June to get his Super Star, while people who
are now getting their Rocker, Hero, or Super Heroes waited longer than
that! This is no way to do business for the long term, but there are lots
of bumps in the road when you are trying to do what has never been done

Some of the things I hope to achieve in the next week
with Tony and Dave (partner and Chief financial officer) are:

  1. Assure that Jackson Kayak’s business plan
    is solid for creating organic, sustainable growth to satisfy our demand
    and steadfastly outpace our competition in innovations and delivering
    the best product.
  2. Assure that Tony is happy with where Jackson Kayak
    is at and is headed.
  3. Get Tony on the water every day he is here (Emily
    and Clay will have to take him out)
  4. Plan our product introductions for 2006 and 2007

That should do it, fun stuff. I love when Dave comes
into town because I love to talk numbers. I want the numbers to reflect
my goals, not change my goals to create numbers, but I love them all the

🙂 EJ