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July 14, 2005

What I (EJ) have to say about Nick:

Nick lived with us from February until July of 2005,
at Rock Island and then in our RV. He was a pleasure to have around the
entire time, which is a very impressive accomplishment; you know what
they say about guests. During his stay he did all he could do to help
out daily to the point that we would have to say, "take a break Nick"
quite often.

He came to Rock Island a great boater and left an awesome
boater. Not only was he playboating, but we spent our time river running,
making videos, competing, creeking, and seeing dealers. Nick has a first
hand education on what it takes to be a champion boater and was learning
to apply it well by the end of the trip. He is an asset to anyone who
he works with, represents, or just gets to hang out with.

🙂 EJ

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Here is what Nick has to say about Nick:

Personal Profile
Nicholas Troutman
Box 28
Beachburg, Ontario


  • People Skills
  • Hard Worker
  • Reliable

Accomplishments and Awards:

  • Currently living and training and on tour with three
    time World Champion Eric Jackson
  • Featured in and helped with EJ¡¦s latest
    line of instructional videos (River Running Basics/ Advanced River Running)
  • Placed 4th at the International Freestyle Championships
    representing Canada in 2004
  • Placed 1st at the Canada Cup and Canadian Team Trials
    for junior menin 2003
  • Jr. Men’s Canadian National Freestyle team
  • Placed 5th in 2005 Canadian Team Trials
  • McDonald’s Athlete Of The Week
  • Assistant Kayak instructor for Ottawa Kayak School

Current Sponsors are:

  • Jackson Kayak
  • J3 Helmets
  • Level Six

Rodeo Results:

  • 2nd FIBArk/Jr.Men-2005
  • 2nd Big Air Vail-2005
  • 2nd Reno Open -2005
  • 1st (extreme race) Northern Alabama Whitewater Festival/Expert
  • 2nd Northern Alabama Whitewater Festival/Jr.Men-2005
    National Champion at Ottawa River Canada Cup/Jr.Men-2004
  • 5th Canadian Team Trials/Jr.Men-2004
  • 4th Pre-Worlds/Jr.Men-2004
  • 1st Canadian Team Trials/Jr.Men-2003
  • 7th Canada Cup/Jr.Men-2003
  • 4th Ottawa River Rodeo/Jr.Men-2003

Other Events I have competed in were:

  • All the events at the Teva Mountain Games
  • Reno Invitational
  • American Team Trials
  • Chambly Rodeo
  • Buseater Big Cojones Rodeo
  • Deer Field Rodeo

Marketable Attributes:

  • Work effectively in a team as well as independently
  • Eager to work hard, and make serious commitment
  • Capable to produce Quality results while working
    under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Honest, polite and sincere
  • Self-motivated
  • Respond well to constructive criticism

Featured in:


  • Rapid Magazine
  • Wilderness Tours Brochure
  • Ottawa Kayak School Brochure
  • Jackson kayak Brochure
  • Renfrew Weekend News/twice
  • The daily Weekend Observer
  • Cobden Sun/twice
  • The News
  • Daily Observer/twice


  • OMNI 1
  • BBC Kids World Sports
  • McDonalds-Athlete Of The Month-CJOH News Sports


  • Star 96 FM-Morning Talk Show


  • EJ’s Newest line in Instructional videos (River
    Running Basics, and Advanced River Running)
  • Clives Eye Whitwater Videos ¡VPhils Hole Rodeo
  • My own Video Production (A Brown Door)






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Nick Troutman

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Nick hucking big

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Nick getting good on the creeks