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July 27, 2005

I had yesterday off coaching the Keeners, and my tired
body needed a day-off paddling. About half-way through the day, however,
I got bored and the pull of the river was irresistable. Inspired by my
day in the Rocker on Saturday, I wanted more–but there were no creeks
to be found…so I went to Pushbutton to try some airloops! This was a
blast! See the "Rocker
Loops1" video
(Quicktime Video – 3.92MB). Then I took it up to
Garb for some creek-boat survival surfing. I tried several air screws,
but they all had the same result: Big air, to an impressive face-plant,
to an impressive super-man-style face surf on ultra-fast Garb. OUCH!!!
Anyway, then I went back to the truck and picked-up my All-Star for a
short Garb Session…not an epic session (I’m taking today off boating
for real), but another great day on the ottawa. Check
out the video "Day Off"
(Quicktime Video – Warning, large
file: 8.54 MB …still figuring out the Adobe Primiere compressor) for
rocker loops and garb playing.

Stephen Wright
Keener Head Coach

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