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July 11, 2005

Hi folks,

Let’s call this a totally biased gear review, a title
I borrowed from LVM.

I’ve been using a new product called the Happy Seat
recently, and I’ve been so impressed with it that I wanted to pass along
my opinion. The Happy seat is an inflatable air bladder that sits in front
of your seat and supports your legs under the hamstrings to give you a
better fit in your boat. My reasons for telling you about this are:

1. It’s a cheap improvement at 39 bucks

2. It fits any kayak

3. It’s comfortable

4. Most important, it gives you better body to boat
contact which improves (a whole your boat control.

I’ve always been a stickler for being tightly outfitted
in my boat. Despite my attention to a tight fit, adding a Happy Seat not
only increased my boat’s responsiveness to my lower body movements, but
it increased my comfort as well because I can get that improvement with
a slightly looser foot position. I boated both days this weekend and came
away thinking I’d feel naked without my Happy Seat. In fact I used it
in different boats each day. On Saturday, I had one of those, I’m really
feeling on my game days, and I think the Happy Seat was responsible. At
any rate, You’ll always see one in my boat, just don’t ask to borrow it
cause I won’t go without unless you are a blood relative. I let my son
use it last weekend and it killed me not to have it. I may make an exception
for Kurt Schroeder since he loaned me a paddle recently, but that’s it
don’t even ask 🙂


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