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August 30, 2005

There has been a need for a single place to find out
what the kayaking event schedule is, what each event is about, etc.. Kristine
and I will be keeping it up to date, to the best of our ability. You will
find information that will help you decide what events you think will
be fun for you to attend, what are important to attend if you are trying
to move up the ranks in freestyle or extreme or boatercross. I will put
up some slalom information as well, but only what information I get. I
am just getting back into slalom this coming year with my kids, so I am
not an expert on that scene right now.

The following is a list of the remainder of the 2005
competition and festival season.

September 3rd-4th – North American Championships- Ottawa
River Canada (Garberator if the water co-operates) Registration is at
Wilderness Tours:
or 800-267-9166. Prize money

September 16-18th- Ouachita Outfitters Clinics, Arkansas-
Call Jeremy at: 501-767-1373- Paddling Demos, on the water clinics with
EJ and family, etc.- no competitions.

September 23rd-24th- Gauley River Festival- Summersville,
WV- American Whitewater for information at;
Party is on Saturday night with vendors thinking up fun things to do,
live music, and giveaways.

October 1st-2nd- Rock Island Games- Rock Island, TN-
Organizer: Kristine Jackson/Jackson Kayak- email at:
Freestyle event at Rock Island Hole and potentially at Brave Wave also.
Prize money

October 7th-9th- National Freestyle Championships-
Coosa River, Alabama- Contact: Lonnie at Southern Trails: 334-272-0952
watch for more information here soon!

October 15th-16th- Moose River Festival: Bottom Moose:
New York State- Contact Chris Chragmile at Whitewater Challengers: (315)
404 7843. Saturday night bar crawl and games, two days of awesome river

I will put up a calendar for 2006 soon and start filling
it in as I get more information on it. Also look for more information
on the National Championships coming up!

🙂 EJ