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October 10, 2005

This past week was quite the fast paced one for me.
The National Championships, the Whitewater Symposium, and everything I
have going on with Jackson Kayak. No shortage of fun or work to be done.

Nationals: Well, Team Jackson Kayak is certainly taking
good form. I will talk about the men’s kayak competition first,
since I was there for that.

The venue was the Coosa River in Alabama; 83 degree
water running at 8,000 cfs through the “Gap” in Wetumpka,
just 20 miles north of Montgomery. The organizer is Lonnie, the owner
of Southern Trails. The spot is a tricky wave hole on river left, with
a corner pocket hole at the top of the eddy for entry moves.

In prelims, I won, followed by Clay Wright, then Stephen
Wright. How cool is that, a Jackson Kayak sweep. Clay was in a Super Star,
and Stephen and I in All-Stars (good thinking).

In Sem-finals: Jimmy Blakeny won, followed by EJ, then
Clay, then Stephen, and then Bryan Kirk.

In Finals: Clay Wright took first place, followed by
EJ, then Jimmy Blakeney, then Stephen Wright, then Bryan Kirk

USA National Championships

Men’s Pro

Clay Wright- Jackson Kayak- Super Star

Eric Jackson- Jackson Kayak- All-Star

Jimmy Blakeney- Wavesport- Project 52

Stephen Wright- Jackson Kayak- All-Star

Bryan Kirk- Wavesport- Project 52

Immediately following the men’s competition I
had to rally to Atlanta to catch a flight to Colorado to do the Whitewater
Instructional Symposium, so I didn’t get to watch the rest of the
classes compete, including my kids in the junior classes, however, here
is the report as I got it from Kristine…

Women’s Pro:

Karen Roy, Wavesport

Tanya Shuman Wavesport

Devon Barker- Jackson Kayak All-Star

I don’t know the order after that.

Junior Women:

Emily Jackson: Jackson Kayak, Star

Junior Men:

Billy Boylan – Wavesport Project 52

Dane Jackson, Jackson Kayak, Fun 1

When I get home I will get the full results for you
to see, sorry I don’t know more yet.

I also know that Dane got the only McNasty in the competition
that stuck (in any class!) and he won the Freestyle through the rapid
competition too. I also know that Emily couldn’t decide whether
to compete in the women’s pro or the Junior women’s competition.
Ultimately she decided to do the junior class with some urging from her
parents. While she has not placed lower than 3rd in any pro women competition
we want her to enjoy being a junior when she can.

In 2004 I was USA National Champion with the All-Star.

In 2005 Clay is USA National Champion in the Super


🙂 EJ