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August 31, 2005


The Jackson Kayak bulkhead design for the Hero, Super
Hero, and Rocker is a breakthrough design. It is the first innovation
in bulkhead design in 15 years, when the method currently being used by
every other manufacturer was designed.

The advantages of the Jackson Kayak bulkhead include:

1. It is quickly and easily adjusted while sitting
in the boat, with no screws or mechanical devices. Simply pull the rope
clear of the jam cleat and loosen or tighten to your liking and put back
in the cleat and you are finished!

2. The adjustment has a 2/1 advantage on it allowing
you to pull with 50 pounds and get 100 pounds of tightening force, so
you can really get tight in the boat while seated in it. This means that
you can get the bulkhead perfectly adjusted for you. The old system used
by other manufacturers requires that you get out, adjust the bulkhead,
put the thumb screws back on and then get in to see if it is right.

3. The bulkhead assembly is completely self contained
in the foam pillar, meaning that no screws are needed through the hull
of the kayak. At least two holes at water level are drilled in the other
manufacturers boats that cause leakage and boat failure.

4. The System provides a great degree of safety in
the event of a peton. The nature of the design with the foam wall, and
the dynamic rope give the system enough flex to absorb an impact reducing
the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees by as much as 80% over the more
dangerous solid bulkheads offered by our competitors.

5. The vertical support wall in the front of competitors
boats are often cut out as much as 3" to allow room for their rotomolded
bulkheads to slide in them. The Jackson Kayak bulkhead is made from 1/8"
aircraft aluminum which means that only 1/8" slot is cut from the
wall. The wall of a Jackson Kayak will prevent the bow of the kayak from
collapsing with much more success than our competitors walls that have
a 3" cut out, compromising the integrity of the bow.

In a nutshell:

More comfortable, adjustable, safer, drier, and more
durable than our competitors, in short: a great invention!

🙂 EJ