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December 15, 2005

While invitational events are always subject to "what
about her, or what about him" issues, or "how did that person
get in", they also allow an event organizer and their sponsors to
tailor their event to their own objectives. I received an invitation
to become a member of the selection committee for the 2006 Reno River
Festival and will not only accept but I will be open about who I am inviting,
why, and allow you, my readers to offer suggestions, because I am geographically
limited in that I live in eastern USA. This means that even though I am
as traveled as about anyone in the world, I may not be in the know about
everyone who could potentially make my list if I lived somewhere else.

Check out the criteria
that I have agreed to follow in selecting athletes. This is non-negotiable
and while you may choose a different set of guidelines if you were selecting
people for your invitational, this is theirs and it is quite a good one
for such an even in my opinion.

What I will do is to create my list, probably 1/2 of
the list at first, and then look carefully at the bottom 1/2 of the list
based on my opinion and your input and enlightenment. If you are offended,
either by not being on my list, or the placement of you name on my list,
and your opinion of me changes, that is the risk I am willing to take
to expose in the inner workings of something that should be done in the
open because the objectives are clear. If it were, who are your 25 favorite
people, or rank all of your friends in order of their physical appearance,
well that would not be something I would engage in publically, if at all.
This has to do with competitive prowness in freestyle, ability to engage
the media and represent sponsors well, in representing a geographical
location (like Australia, South Africa, or Western Canada, etc.) and a
couple of other factors. I will have my complete list finished before
I leave for Africa on December 27th, 2005.

Here are the letters (invitation
& criteria)asking
for me to be a member of the committee and the criteria. Reno puts on
a great show and a fun competition!

🙂 EJ