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March 3, 2006

Making a slalom boat that is ready to compete at the highest level, or ready for the average kayaker to take out for a spin on their favorite river or wave, took me awhile, sorry about that. The first two models weren’t up to snuff on the design front, with David Knight and I trying some crazy stuff, but we nailed it on our third try! Since then the big deal was getting the construction up and running properly with the boats being made here in the USA (like the old days). Larry Parzynski has been working hard to get the layups, and details right for me, so that I can make the boats available to you! My last boat, shown here, is only one step away from being ready to go!

The cockpit rim mold needs finished as soon as I give Larry the final measurements for the drop down tab to mount the seat. I have another day of experimenting before I know for sure exactly how much adjustment it will need for the variety of people who will paddle it. The next boats that will be made after that will be for Emily and Dane. These boats, the Junior and Cadet cuts will also serve as the final sign off prototypes. Assuming that there are no issues on my kids boats, then I will open us up in the Slalom Boat business.

Where can you buy one? You order from your local dealer. You will have access to talk directly with Larry about any special orders.

How much? International Layup- $1900 plus shipping, National Layup- (what I have now) is $1650 plus shipping.

3.5 meters, easy to paddle, super sweet turning on the stern, or flat or on the inside edge. Comfortable, stiff, good looking, sweet!

🙂 EJ



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EJ and Ricochet

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EJ reflection in the hull

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EJ sitting in his new Ricochet

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EJ with Ricochet

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Stern Deck, sweet

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Stern view of Ricochet