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March 13, 2006

I got this email today…

This is what "Stoked" looks like…


My step-son Curran has been on my to get him a Fun 1 ever since he saw Dane paddling at the Kern two years ago. Last week, we driving home from school and I asked him, "think of three things that you NEED and tell me what they are."

He said, "I NEED a Jackson kayak."

As I began to explain the difference between a want and a need, he stopped me and informed me, "Michael, I know the difference and I NEED a kayak."

"Anything else?" I asked.


Well it was hard to argue with him, since I used the same tactic on my wife in justifying why I NEEDED a new Jackson Super Hero, in addition to my Super Fun.

So, on Saturday, we braved rain, snow, and hail and trekked up to Sierra South at the Kern River. I’d called ahead and had them set out a boat, paddle and sprayskirt for him. A good friend of mine stopped by and put a "Happy Birthday" balloon on the boat.

Curran thought we were just there to pick up my Super Hero and couldn’t believe it when I told him that the Fun 1 was his. Even as he sat down in it he thought he was going to get in trouble because he thought it must be somebody else’s birthday present.

The kid is completely stoked! Thank you for creating the opportunity for younger paddlers to get on the water. Curran turns 8 next month. He’s hoping to get his roll down and get on the water before his birthday so he can say he started paddling at seven!

Michael Francisco

P.S. The paddle is sweet!



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