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March 2, 2006

Watch the trailer in Quicktime here. Quicktime Video 4.6 MB

It started on December 27th, 2005 when we all made the trek to Africa to meet up for 5 weeks of filming for the new 2006 Jackson Kayak promo video and EJ’s Playboating Basics, and EJ’s Advanced Playboating. Emily was also one of three subjects in Polly Green’s Nomads video, which is now finished.

After returning from Africa on February 1st, Chris headed to Hood River, OR to his house and worked on laying out the audio, as well as capturing footage from over 25 tapes that weren’t captured yet before coming here 10 days ago.

The past 10 days have been intense for me, with a kayak company to run, a house to build, a family to take care of, paddling to do, and Chris being here with plans to work at least 8 hours each day on the videos. Working until Midnight was not uncommon, while often I would fall asleep at the computer much earlier than that and Chris would send me off to bed, figuring I was useless at that point. We set Chris up in our RV outside so he could work uninterrupted. He doesn’t like distractions and likes a much different working environment than I do.

We were up and filming early this morning since we found a few interviews for the “Jackson Kayak University” part of the promo video that was missing the audio due to a busted camera, again. He has a nice camera, but it has broken on us twice during the making of these videos, once in Africa, where we had to film all of the Nile footage with either Polly Green’s camera or Devon Barker’s camera.

We made a short trailer for you to get a feel for the video. It starts off similar to what our new promo video will look like, which we worked on all last night, and then I introduce both videos and what you can expect in them.

In 2003 Chris, Clay, Jay, Steve, Jessie, and I made the first edition of EJ’s Playboating Basics, and EJ’s Advanced Playboating in Africa. Each video was 45 minutes long. Since that time, we have gotten much better at the moves we were doing then, and have added quite a few to the quiver.

Our 2006 Versions of the videos will be between `1 Hour and 1.5 hours EACH! More detailed descriptions in some cases, as well as more moves. These videos also star three kids: Emily, Dane, and Nick Troutman as well as Jay Kincaid, Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Jessie Stone, Devon Barker, and I. I think the lineup of boaters really helps make the video special and it will be quite fun to use as a learning tool.

Chris is on the way to the Nashville airport right now, compliments of Kristine’s driving, and his work is far from over to wrap these videos up. We have the instructional segments all laid out for both videos, as well as the into, and some of the bonus tracks. Chris has to clean everything up, adding his magic touch, as well as do the titling and package it as a final product. I am almost finished with the covers and will put them on the website soon.

Watch the trailer in Quicktime here. Quicktime Video 4.6 MB

🙂 EJ