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March 24, 2006

Check out the notice we received by email today (PDF 32 KB) ! It is quite exciting to know that the 2006 Reno River Festival roster is done and it is STACKED with big names and tough competition.

The whitewater park is home to 2004 Champion, Jay Kincaid, and it is also the home of the Reno/Tahoe Tourism board which means TV and sponsors! Last year Dane came in 4th in the open qualifier just missing his chance to go for the title and cash, but Emily cleaned house in the qualifier and ended up 2nd overall to Australian champion, Tanya Faux. This year Emily and Dane were both invited, along with bronze medalist Stephen Wright, who had to battle the masses for a chance to compete in the open (he won that). Look for another cool TV show on the event, which this year will include an extreme race (bring it on!) and lots of fun times at the whitewater course with clinics, slalom clinics, rolling, everything.

Don’t forget to bring your shades to hide your eyes when you are playing poker at the casino! I can be found at the Black Jack Tables and Poker Tables in Reno, instead of the Movies. If figure if I am going to spend $50 on a night out, I will do it where I have chance of walking with the cash I started with. If I lose it, well, then as long as I had as much fun as at the movies, I am cool with that.

🙂 EJ