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May 30, 2006

The Jackson family hit the Teluride Mountain Film Festival and had a great time. Dane was featured in “Kids Who Rip” a new film series and upcoming TV show, while Emily was featured in Polly Green’s Nomads (we will be selling this DVD with 100% of the profits going to Emily’s Kayaker’s With a Cause) and I did a presentation on “life without compromise”. We got to watch lots of cool movies, like “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”, which was awesome!

Meanwhile- Jay, Stephen, Devon, Ruth, and Clay were at Steamboat for the Paddler Invitational. Jay took top honors, keeping the Jackson Kayak line undefeated after yet another week, by placing 1st in the freestyle event and 3rd in the Extreme Race. Stephen took 3rd place behind Brad Ludden. Meanwhile Ruth took 3rd in the women’s class behind Tanya Faux, and Nikki Kelley. Devon also took 3rd in the Freestyle event with a great showing!

Clay lent a helping hand by volunteering for safety at the extreme race and judging at the freestyle event.

On Saturday, Emily, Dane, and Jason Craig, and I all drove from Teluride to Salida and back to help American Whitewater’s membership with Pike Peaks Kayak Club. Mike Brown set up a free clinic with the Jackson’s where the only prerequisite was to join the kayak club and AW. We had 31 people in the clinic! Emily took the ladies, Dane took about 10 adult men, and I took about 15 men. We did strokes and concepts and rolling and bracing.

🙂 EJ