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June 9, 2006

What can you say about a place where you have a sweet wave, paddlers from all over the world hanging out in one spot, camping at the river, and enjoying each other’s company all day and night. Festival is the word that comes to mind for me. While officially the festival starts tonight, it is really already going on. Tonight, however, the bands take the stand, and the festivities go beyond what we kayakers can conjure up on our own accord. Toon and his brother Joel (owners of Kayak Session and Canoe/Kayak in France) are putting on the event, meaning fun, fun, fun! This is my first time here. I spent my last three years at Fibark (another awesome event in CO), but I was due for some good French action, including French Food, Wine, humor and paddling, mixed in with every other kind. The Irish, British, Czechs, French, Germans, Austrians, etc,, etc. are all here. The Dutch, Belgiums, and more. How cool is that.

Kristine arrives today at the Lyon Airport (one hour from now) and that will complete my package here. Dane, Emily, Nick, Jessie, and the whole Lunt family (my partner and his lovely wife Dominique, as well as their two kids Alexander, and Mathew) Tony brought an RV which is our headquarters at the event site, as well as a bunch of Belgium Beer (10 degree) or triple the fun as he says.

I will have some photos for you tonight.

Weather? 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, 55 in the morning, and the water is warm, sweet!

SUMMER, yippee!

🙂 EJ