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June 4, 2006

By Nick Troutman. Learn more about Nick.

here is the note I got from Nick…

Hey EJ,

I have finally finished High School!

I have officially graduated at 2:43 on friday afternoon. So as a graduation
party, we decided to go to Ottawa and run Rideau falls.

It is something like a 40 foot drop, though I have never measured it. It was pretty awesome. Though, my mom decided to come and watch, and she started to cry in fear. After i ran it first, both Joel and Deuce ran it. We had to
keep it quick hoping that the ‘fuzz’ wouldn’t show up. I don’t think it is
illegal, but i definitely think it is frowned upon by the police, and you
might have to pay $100.00 in fines.

After running the drop, we decide to go and check out another waterfall in
Ottawa. It is called ‘Hogs back’ falls, but the water was too low, so we
weren’t able to run it.

I then came home and started packing for my trip to Lyon France, and
Brimgarden Switzerland.

I’ll see you guys in a couple days,



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