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June 16, 2006

This year’s Freestyle Nationals is currently underway at Salida: part of
the FIBARK event. WHAT A BLAST! Prelims were today, with all classes
cutting to 10. Sorry that I only wrote-down top 5, but it’s still a lot of
people. The hole gave-up HUGE loop moves, awesome technical moves and was a
great time for spectators and competitors alike. I was psyched to see how
well everyone paddled, but Team JK stepped-it-up again with Jason Craig,
Zack Mitchell, Ruth Gordon, Devon Barker, Me, Clay Wright, and Greg Parker
all advancing to tomorrow night’s finals! I’ll post photos as soon as I get
a chance to upload them, which will probably be tomorrow night or the next
day. I was personally excited to have hit my ride with the new combos and
ended-up way out in the lead–what fun!!! Clay paddled on an injured
shoulder, but still threw-down into 4th place. 12 Year Old Jason Craig
demonstrated that he is a force to be reckonned-with by beating all the
other (older) Jr. Men in his Fun 1. Here are the rest of the results:

Jr. Men’s
-Jason Craig
-Zach Mitchell
-James Tansey
-Michael "LP" Palmer
-Tayler Martin

Pro Women
-Tanya Faux
-Hanna Farrer
-Tracy Brabant
-Tanya Shuman
-Ruth Gordon

Pro Men
-Stephen Wright
-Dustin Urban
-Bryan Kirk
-Clay Wright
-Greg Parker

More tomorrow, now it’s off to get some dinner. What a fun–but long, like 7-hour–event!

Live from US Nationals at Salida,
Stephen Wright