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July 5, 2006

Hey EJ,

I just thought I’d email you to tell you how amazing your Fun is. I’ve had my blue Fun since October of last year, and I’ve never found a reason why I should have any other boat. I’m fifteen and I’ve been paddling for ten months, and in this brief period I’ve already begun to utilize both the river running and playboat aspects of the boat-and man, it surfs like a Dream!!!!! Front surf, sidesurf, backsurf, three-sixty-anything. I recently ran the Lower Yough for the first time (the level was around 3.6) and I surfed the wave at Swimmers-it was FREAKIN AWESOME! With my Fun, I always felt in control and was able to execute a ton of cool moves. Then again, the river running never felt compromised. And you’re totally right!-it’s totally easy to roll. Its also really responsive and comfortable. And the bow makes a good seat when I’m waiting for shuttle. Any way yah look at it, the Fun is pure awesomeness.

Thanks a ton for the coolest boat ever,

Claire S.

P.S. Check out the attached picture!


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