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July 31, 2006

Date: August 23rd, 2006
Time: All-Day
Phone Number to call to Register: 800-267-9166
Fees: $50 US, $100 after August 16th (late fee of $50)
Meetings: Meet at Wilderness Tours ( ) at 7pm on Tuesday night, August 22nd

Want to compete in the 2007 World Championships on Buseater Wave next May? While I can promise you making the USA Freestyle Team isn’t easy, it is surely worth it! What is so special about being a member of the USA Team and competing in the world championships? It is a club of kayaking fanatics who love to play, love to boat, and love to compete all in one. When you get take the chance to compete against the best in the US and come out ranked high enough to make the cut, you have achieved a level of greatness that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. When you finally get to the World Championships and teams from all over the world start showing up, training, and the opening ceremonies commence; it becomes surreal. You are representing a country in an event that will determine the best of the best in kayaking at that moment. You will make friends with kayakers from 30+ countries that will likely last a lifetime, and give you a deeper appreciation for kayakers worldwide. It is impossible to make the world championships an open event, because it would take forever, however, USA Team trials is an open event! That means you can sign up and compete!

This year’s USA team trials will take place on the Garberator Wave on the Ottawa River. A classic surf wave with endless possibilities for moves, accommodating different styles, boat types, and allowing for big air. This is the best option for USA Team Trials for Buseater Wave, which is a huge wave found only in the spring on the Ottawa and the first Big Wave World Championships yet.

🙂 EJ