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August 28, 2006

I got this note from her today…

Hey EJ-

Just wanted to get back to you and say "thanks" for the suggestions you sent me about kids and paddling. Our first kids course was a great success. We had 4 kids who progressed tremendously in three days.

We tried the games you suggested as well as a few we made up on the way.

I want to also thank you, along with a co-instructor for the course, for opening up everyone’s eyes to kids and whitewater. What a treat to see the excitement in the eyes of a nine year old who conquered their first raped with or without a sprayskirt attached. The three girls in the course already made plans to come back next year so they can take another kayaking course at the same time.

The kids made "foamies" and labeled them all Jackson boats. Will, the boy in the course, has watched your rolling video many times and wanted to especially say "hi" to you through this email.

I watched a 12 year old boy go over Husum Falls for his first time (10 foot waterfall)!!! This is so exciting, and I believe you and your family are the ones to thank. Keep up the great work.

Heather Herbeck