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September 3 , 2006

I love my RV, I love every part of the tour, and I love to travel. However, I also love Rock Island, Tennessee and it is beckoning me in a big way! This coming week will be spent at Watertown, NY which will be super fun for World Cup #2, and the day it is over, you see the Jackson Kayak RV going the speed limit, or so, all of the way home for World Cup #3 at Rock Island! Warm, low population, beautiful, and home. Kristine and I are building our dream house which I haven’t seen since they put the dormers on it. They are working hard on the interior now and it will be done before November 1st! Right now I am writing to you from the “White House” which is Keener land and it overlooks the eddy below McCoy’s Rapid. Tomorrow I will paddle on the Ottawa with no competition in my Fun and have a great time with Team JK members from Switzerland, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia, USA, and New Zealand. How cool is that?!

So the Team JK Fun Tour will round up at Gauley, then a short trip to NOC for GAFF, then some speedy runs down the Green Narrows for the Green Race, and then it is home sweet home for the winter!