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October 10, 2006

By Lukas Meyer

Last winter Sandro and I planed to go to the Worldcups. It was a great plan, but I had to look with my school, if I can leave for 5 weeks. After a few conversations with the schooldirector they let me go. Finally this summer the Team Jacksonkayak went to Europe. In Bremgarten (SUI) at the wave and wheels, EJ won a ticket, to fly from Zürich to Ottawa and back. He gave this ticket to me and Sandro. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Ok now we flew from Zurich to Ottawa for the first worldcup on Garb. We arrived and get our boats there, from the Jacksons because we couln’t take them with us in the plane. From this time we spent all our time with the team and became a part of it. The whole team is like a big familly and there is a great atmosphere between all the people from a lot of different countries. In these five weeks, we met a lot of new persons and saw all the people, who we knew from europe again. It was such a great time!!! After the three weeks of the worldcup in Ottawa, Watertown (NY) and Rockisland (TN), we went to the Gauley festival. It is a very big festival. Especially for us from europe, where everything is smaller. It was awesome when the whole team was on the Gauley and played the river. On saturday evening we had a great boof in front of the rv with a LOT of people around.
After the Gauley festival we went back to Tennessee fort he Team week. There we learned a lot and of course we also went paddeling. The last two days we paddeled the Ocoee and the Cheeoah! These are two awesome rivers to run and also to play. After paddeling the Cheeoah on Sunday, we allready had to leave. After saying good bye, Pikey, John, and Rafa drove us to the Airport in Atlanta. We stayed there for the rest of the night and then we flew home with all our wet stuff in the luggage. Now back home I often think back to this great time!!!!

Thanks to the Team Jackson for this great time!!!!

Lukas Meyer


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Jackson kayak Team Truck

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Lukas Garb

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Lukas Tripple

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Sandro Garb

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Sandro Tripple Falls