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The new Fun will ship on Monday, in three days!!! We will be getting them to the dealers in the following order. First we’ll send boats that were ordered by customers to those dealers. Then we’ll send the boats to the dealers that got their orders in first, and then we’ll try to get all of the other dealers with boats on order their boats as fast as we can. It usually takes about 3 weeks to get each dealer their boats starting Monday, assuming they are on order. Does your dealer have the new Funs on order? How about the Mega-Rocker, Punk Rocker, Rocker, new Stars, etc.? One way to help make sure you don’t show up to their shop to check out the new boats and not find them there is to call or email them if you want to demo or buy one.

Today I am taking the photos of the new Fun for product shots, meaning we’ll have a 360 degree view of a PRODUCTION boat next week! Sweet! I have seen my Fun in from all angles, including the cockpit! I LOVE MY NEW FUN!!!

See you on the river!

🙂 EJ