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Each box is 1KM, and each contour line is 20 meters. I left this as a high
res photo so you could zoom in and see the expedition by day, vertical feet,
and forward momentum. To "safely" (that is, as safe as it can be run) run
this river, required that we did some serious scouting expeditions, often
way more sketchy than the river itself. Multiple canyons that were no more
than 10 meters wide, sometimes 3 meters wide, and 30 meters of vertical
face, meant that we couldn’t enter without scouting the entire thing. Once
in, there was no way out of any of them without a vertical extraction set up
in advance, or getting through to the bottom. Most of the canyons were
hanging valleys that end in a waterfall, some over 100 feet tall, and many
of the rapids in the canyons were not scoutable once you entered the canyon.
What all of this means is SLOW going. You don’t enter the canyon until you
know that you can run the rapids in it, and that you can exit it downstream
reasonably safely. There were some fun scouts, and some sketchy ones too,
but all memorable. The machete is not a luxury, but a necessity in many
cases, and desirable in all cases.

Enjoy the map, it is compliments of Isreal from Mexico, and was Ben’s daily

Click on the map to open the full size version in new window.



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