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By Clay Wright

This New Year’s day we got Lucky!

It was my last day before knee surgery, Dane’s first chance to try the Punk Rocker, and EJ’s first chance at the 07 Rocker so we were all eager as beaver to ‘get lucky’ on North Chick this first day of 2007. Since it was a holiday, my house-mate and your Jackson Kayak Shipping Director ‘Goat’ got to go too, his first run on the Chick.

I got to paddle the 07 Rocker down to Vortex and WOW – it’s just so comfortable and forgiving I felt right at home within a mile or 2. Smoother boofing and landing, more ‘active’ riding on slides and over rocks, uber-forgiving lack of deck edges to catch, and that ‘zippy’ swing into eddies from the last Rocker is still there.

Unfortunately, EJ got sick off hearing me gush below Vortex and wanted it back :-(. Lucky that the Mega-Rocker is no big pig either .. . we punched every hole I could find and ran every slot I could remember.

Dane looked awesome in his ‘Punk Rocker’. While it’s still a huge boat on him, he was styling the slots and popping across the holes no problem.

EJ looked proud – he was spinning every rock, surfing every hole, and boofing every ledge he could find.

And Goat ‘on sighted’ down like a champ. While we let him scout Vortex, I don’t think we stopped at any other drops except to walk back up for another lap.

Great day, and the perfect way to ring in the New Year. From the recovery couch …

Clay Wright


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EJ skips into Votex in the blue Mega-rocker

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Here is Goat sliding into Vortex in his 06 Rocker

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Dane boofs North Chick Falls in the green Punk Rocker

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And here is Goat getting Beat-down below North Chick Falls (Dane led him down without scouting

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Goats memories of all the rapids on North Chick …(a little fuzzy)

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Second run went much better … Goat boofs North Chick Falls