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EJ’s Training Log- 2007

Goal: I wrote training logs from 1988-1996 and no real log since. As the World Championships approach, I figure it will do me good to have one, and hope you enjoy reading it too. I am starting with a short summary of paddling to date this year.

January 1-January 20th:

I have paddled an average of 6 days per week, mostly at the Brave Wave and the hole, with some on the top waves too. Nick and I have been lifting weights semi-consistently. I am getting stronger for sure, able to do more dips and chin ups then before.


  • I am strong with my Helix, Pan-Am, getting stronger with Clean Air-blunts. My McNasty on the Brave Wave isn’t as good as before, but I haven’t been throwing it often. My Blunt/nasty combo isn’t getting a lot of practice either.
  • Stephen has me working on the Flashback and that is starting to feel good. The Brave Wave isn’t the ideal spot for it but it sure does help to practice it there.
  • My weakest area is the right air screw and right entry move. I need to get that down quick!
  • Generally speaking I can do any move at any time under pressure, but my ability to stick on the wave needs to get attention now. When you have no line and you have plenty of time to do your rides, it is easy to let yourself flush when it takes practice to stay on the wave!