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By Rodrigo Tuschner

I love this run, I love this water fall, this section is the sh*t, is very close to the town and is incredible soft on the bottom,

Something that I really love is the entry…
In this time when I be on the bottom I was so happy because I remember my very special friends Chris and Ian for the 1D day…

Thanks to Tyler, Seth from the incredible project "Oil and Water" and Pat Camblin and Rush Sturges from be very pro “YGP” kayakers and tribe for Run The Sh*t with me that day and be part of the very small group how run this awesome section…

The Mega Rocker is good, comfortable and awesome feel when you fly on a water fall…

Well that is all from the very south of the world Pucón – Chile.

Rodrigo Tuschner
Team Jackson kayak.


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