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Hey EJ,

I just thought you should know how much my three year old son loves your web site videos. I have always used you web site for my off water kayaking fix since you first started it. Even though I did not own (past tense) a Jackson kayak. About three weeks ago my son Joshua decided
that he would rather watch your web site videos than Barney or Handy Manny! Of course I cried tears of joy. He knows the videos buy title and paddler/paddlers, kinda wierd. His favorite is Gold Hole then Portage Hole, Green River Dries and Girls Rock Too. After that he will watch, sitting on my lap, until mom makes us get off the computer!

This summer we are going to teach him to swim so he can get the red Jackson he wants. The fact that you and your company are able to focus on kids, pros and everybody in between is amazing. Your love of kids and family shows and that’s what makes you a true Champion. Joshua wants to tell you, Dane, Emily, Stephen Wright, Ruth Gordon, etc……………………………..hello!

Thanks for providing great kayaks and an alternative to Barney for Joshua and I !