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Check out Billy’s travel and clinic schedule and hook up with him ASAP!

To get in any of Billy’s clinics, just email him at

Operation Jackson North

May12-13th Elora Gorge Clinics
Drive Calgary
May 24th Team Alberta Kayak
May 25th Clinics with Saskia Van Mourik
May 26th Clinics 1pm Novice’s and Kiddies Kan Fest
May 27th Kananaskis Festival (Jackson Boat Demo)
28th JKPK Session At Under Currents (Clinic on the Kan)
28th paddle day
May 30,31 (Team Alberta Whitewater Clinics)
June 1st Team Alberta Kayak
June 2nd 3rd Creeking
June 4th Jackson Demo’s
June 5th 6th Jackson Demo’s (5-9)Clinics at briley’s
June 8th Jackson PK session Sea to Sky
June 9th 10th (waterfall huck clinic, whistler)
June Jackson Boat demo @skook.
June 12th and 16th SKOOKUMCHUCK Clinics (boat demo) contact for info.
June 18th 19th 20th PK sessions (OPEN western canoe) paddle
Flight- BC to ONT
June 25th to the 30th Madawaska Canoe Center Clinics/ ottawa river.

Flight- Ont to BC
July 7-8th Kootenay Whitewater Festival (Slocan Valley Castlegar area)
July 12th drive home to Ottawa River
The rest of the dates To be UPDATED SOON
EG: Eastern Ontario, upper NewYork State Moose etc.