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I have known Greg and his Dad since Greg was little. They are both very big components to the Wisconsin paddling community. Greg has really become an incredible boater and ambassador for kayaking, making paddling better for those around him. I am proud to have him on our team for the second year.


Greg Parker

Age- 20

Height- 6′

Weight- 160

Hometown- Verona, WI

Occupation- kayak instructor (RMOC), student at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

Interests- Traveling, ultimate frisbee, windsurfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and scuba diving


Sponsors- Jackson Kayak, CKS


Mission Statement
To enjoy every moment on the water. Try to improve the quality of paddling for those around me.

1996 Age 9. Learned to kayak in my Dad’s Perception Pirouette. Later I saved $100 to help buy an Epi Tyke. At age 9 this was a lot of money, but well worth it.
1997 Age 10. Ran my first class III rapid. Swam Later I executed my first combat roll.
1998 Age 11. Popped my first ender at Flipper on the Occoee.This started my addiction to playboating.
1999 Age 12. Completed an 8 day, 104 mile self support trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, with my Dad, his friend, and my sister.
2000 Age 13. My first rodeo. Finished 14 out of about 18 in the Junior Expert class, but the worst part was that my score was 2 points lower than my Dad’s (6 to 4)
2001 Age 14. Learned to cartwheel… sort of.
2002 Age 15. Learned to cartwheel… really.
2003 Age 16. Won my first rodeo in Taylor Falls, Minnesota.
2004 Age 17. Outscored my dad at the Midwest Freestyle Championships 330 to 28. Revenge is sweet.
2005 Age 18. I repeated as overall champion at the Midwest Freestyle Championships and my dad wins the masters class.
2006 Age 19. Began teaching kayaking at RMOC. Begin competing as a pro. 8th place at the Teva Mountain games, 8th place at Nationals in Salida, CO. 3rd place at Lyon’s River days.

During the summers, I live in Salida, Colorado teaching kayaking at Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center (RMOC). Stop in and take a lesson! When not instructing or sleeping, I can be found in the playpark. My dad continues to join me to paddle for about five weeks every summer.

Currently I study Physical Education and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, so I only have a 3 month paddle season.

I’m single…and looking.

After graduating from college, I plan on moving to Colorado or somewhere else out West. My goal is to become a teacher and continue to paddle. I want to live simply, enjoy my job, and have time to continue doing what I love.

Why Jackson Kayak?
I first hooked up with EJ when he was at WaveSport because he made the best boats, especially for youths. I still think he makes the best boats, but Jackson Kayak also demonstrates many qualities that are important to me.Some include… family, sincerity, a drive to succeed, sportsmanship, and good character.