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Today was the finals for the freestyle competition at Golden Whitewater Park. The classes are: Club Cadet (under 12), Cadet ( under 14), and Junior (under 18), as well as C1.

I am writing this by memory, and will post complete results at under the “Denver” region later.

In the Club Cadet class- Cully Brown out of Durango, Colorado dominated with two awesome runs getting a great air loop on both of them. Cully was paddling a new red Shooting Star by JK. The finals format were two runs; best one counts. Cully would have won on both of his run. Good Job! (cully is 11).

In the Cadet class- it was a tight competition and I still don’t know who won but it was likely Jordan in his black Shooting Star.

In the Cadet women’s class- Lauren Burress had two great rides in her Pink Shooting Star and took first place.

In the Junior Women’s Class- Emily had two rides with McNastys cartwheels, split wheels, etc. and won by a huge margin.

In the Junior Men’s class- Both Jason Craig and Dane Jackson through huge rides and just about every move in the book. Dane took first place with a 118 point ride with Jason just behind with a 93 point ride. In third place was a local Denver kid. I’ll get his name and complete results once they are properly posted.

Right now the kids are competing in Boatercross and then this weekend they’ll test their slalom skills out in the Junior Olympics slalom race!