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Golden, Colorado was the sight of a big week of competition for junior paddlers in both Freestyle and Slalom. Sunday, however, was the final event of the USA Cup and it was open to all ages. The course at Golden is super fun for racing slalom. The whitewater is not difficult, but the quantity and quality of the eddies and features are awesome. Dane and Jason got to race and did really well, showing a strong aptitude for the sport with little training to date to hone their skills. I got to test my meddle against Mike and Toby from Canada and got a good taste of real slalom competition again. With my throat burning and the lactic acid running through my veins, it was good to know that I still have what it takes to push my body hard in the slalom way. Emily has already left for the Ottawa (she is at the border with Nick as we speak, and I don’t know if she’ll make it across OK or not. New vehicle with Brian Lippy’s plates, she is 17, Nick is Canadian and 18. She doesn’t have her driver’s licence, but Nick does, etc. etc. This just in! they made it, but as Emily said, “Barely”.

Any how, here are the results from the USA CUP finals. (PDF)