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October 27, 2007

By Devon Barker

Today was the hardest competition I have ever been in. My life- long ski friend, Shuska, and my brother, Jacques said it was like a downhill ski race with an avalanche at the bottom. I swam on my first ride, just three minutes into the heat. I went over the handlebars sideways as my paddle was ripped out of my hands. As I was getting worked I just told myself to hand roll and my brother would throw me my spare paddle he was holding. Instead I swam in really hard beach break and had to duck dive so not clobbered by my kayak. My teammate Alexander ran into the water to get my boat and then we ran down the beach where the break was less. I was so fired up. Rusty Sage said I paddled out EJ style. On my next wave I hit a huge blunt for a finish move. I just got three waves so we will find out how I finished at the closing ceremonies.

I have attached pictures and video (Quicktime, 2.5 MB) for you to see.

Loving the Basque Land,



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Canada and USA in Finals

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Help getting off water at finals

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Morning Light on Mundaka

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Valerie and Devon after finals

Quicktime Video