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By Ben Guska

Well since I can’t be there this year, I have already gotten a lot of phone calls rubbing it in, and a lot of friends wishing I was there. Unfortunately I couldn’t break free before Nationals because of College. This is the first year I haven’t been to Gauley Festival since High School. So, I have compiled a few wishes…..

1: Left-blunt, into cartwheels at Geeks wave!

2: Throw a wave wheel off the left side boof of insignificant otherwise known as the creek lines!

3: When entering Pillow, catch the wave at the top, and then head for the room of Doom!

4: Throw huge loops at Hungry Mother and try not to get creamed by the rafts.

5: Someone hit up the mail slot in Lost Paddle…. (Turn your paddle sideways)

6: Of course the Rock Spin off of Sweets Falls!

7: Try desperately to catch a ride to the top to avoid the hike out!

8: When your reach the top of the hike (because no one gave you a ride no matter how hard you tried), crack open a beer:

9: Drink most of the beer, then pour the rest out for “ALL” the fellow kayakers who couldn’t make it!

10: Go to the Jackson booth (or RV), Get free Swag, and Sign up for AW if you haven’t for this year!

Happy Gauley Fest….It brings a tear to my eye!

-Ben Guska


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