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By Dane Jackson

It has been high water at Rock Island since last Tuesday and it has been a different level every day. We all got to try new lines at the falls, we got to run sieve city at high water, we got the hole and brave wave at a bunch of different levels. On Saturday it was as low as it gets really and it is the perfect level for the spout. The spout is a rolling 21 footer. It has got to be the easiest and cleanest 21 footer out there. And a couple of my friends were there and we decided that we would do laps on the spout for a while. But we were not alone, there was a ton of guys from the plant that had the same idea. They all were having great lines and great freewheels. It was a super fun day. But I guess my favorite part was that the sidekick came in right on time for me to try it on everything. It is so awesome, I can’t wait to take it to Costa Rica for some river running and creeking. It is definitely the ultimate river runner and a super awesome creekboat. I think that it is going to be wanted by all the kids out there that have creekboating and river running on their minds. I hope you like the video and the article, and we’ll see you on the river,