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By Phil Boyer

Just before the Brush Creek Race I was able to hook up with Charlie Center, Scott Ligare, Eric Conklin, and Chris Zawaki for a couple of days of fun on the East Fork and South Fork Kaweah.

I had been down the East Fork before but not the South Fork. We were pleasantly surprised with the run. It started out with some tight boulder drops with plenty of wood to watch out for but there were several great sections thrown in that had some great slides and awesome waterfalls. The best section was polished granite five footers that led into a small slide and finishing with a twenty plus footer into a beautiful pool.

I would totally recommend this run if you are in the area but watch out for all of the private property.

We put in at the upper upper bridge and then took out on river right just down stream of the first walking bridge and hiked up to the road.

Have fun.

Phil B.
Team Jackson

Photos taken by Scott Ligare

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